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If you are not used to our way of doing things it may be useful for you to know a few things about how things happen during our services.

Etiquette at our Morning Service

You will find someone in the vestibule to welcome you when you arrive at Christ Church. Please sign our visitors' book if you are new to Christ Church. Also in the vestibule is the prayer book where you can write prayer requests, which will be read out during the service as part of the intercessory prayers (prayers for others and for the world).

On entering the church someone will offer you a copy of our printed weekly notices and any other printed material that you will need for the service. Many regular members of the church receive the notices electronically (pdf and docx format) in advance of the service.

Our morning service is an all-age style of worship, so we welcome everyone of all ages and abilities. However please bear in mind the needs of those less able around you, make room for them or help them find hymns in the book, for example. Also very young children may make unexpected noises for time to time, though if they are particularly upset we encourage parents to take them to the crèche at the back of the church. There they can play, whilst the parents can still hear the service through the loudspeaker. At special services they will also be watched over by a volunteer member of our congregation.

Please note for the protection of the children, we do not allow photography during the service as parental permission cannot easily be obtained by you.

At certain parts of the service we stand, but if you are unable to do so, or find it difficult, then do not feel embarrassed to stay sitting down. We normally use the projector to display all our hymns, the Lord's Prayer and sometimes oter parts of the service, so please sit where you can see it whilst seated if you cannot stand.

If you prefer it, copies of the hymn books are available at the back of church in normal, large-print and music editions. Please collect these when you arrive or ask someone to carry them to your seat for you.

We have copies of three books: Hymns and Psalms indicated by white on black hymn numbers, Songs of Fellowship 1 indicated by black on white numbers and Singing the Faith indicated by red on white numbers, and sometimes also sheets with particular songs on will be made available.

Prayer books may be also be handed out of arrival, if needed during a service, but are not regularly used and often words are projected instead.

Copies of the Bible (NIV), are also available at the back of church. The page number of each reading is in the printed notices and will be read out at the start of each reading, if you wish to follow.

We also have a Braille copy of both "Hymns and Psalms" and "Singing the Faith" - please ask for these and for a sighted person to help you find the right volume and page.

For those of hard of hearing the church is fitted with a deaf-loop; set your hearing aid to "T".

Before the service there will be tunes played on the organ or by the band to set the mood for worship. At the start of the service we remain seated when the preacher and steward enter. We normally stand to sing each hymn, and it is suggested you stand as soon as the music starts, to get ready to sing, as some modern songs have quite short introductions. Feel free to move or clap, or join in any actions, as appropriate.

After the children's hymn (usually the second) we stay standing while a blessing is given, and also we remain standing after the final hymn for the closing blessing. If it is a parade service we remain standing until the flags leave the church.

When the collection (offertory) is taken bags will be passed around to receive donations of cash, cheques (payable to Christ Church Woodley) and for regular givers envelopes. Many members now pay regularly through their bank so will not be contributing to the bags. The money received goes towards provision of the church's minister, worship costs, charitable stewardship giving, and the church's running and mission costs. It does not cover the costs of our halls as we are lucky these are covered by letting charges. When the bags are brought up to the front, we stand and remain standing for the offertory prayer.

At a communion service the normal practice is for the bread, and then the wine in small glasses, to be brought to you at your seat by the communion stewards. When everybody has been given the elements we eat the bread, and then drink the wine (non-alcoholic), together at the invitation of the minister.

Etiquette at our Evening Service

Similar etiquette is followed at evening services, but things are more relaxed, especially when meeting in the Stenner Lounge during winter months (between the clocks going back and forward again). The collection is take by way of a plate near the entrance to the room. The service is not normally projected and the appropriate hymn books are made available.

Page last updated 30th April 2019.