Here is the list of items required by the store for making into parcels for members of the local community in urgent need.

The required items and their sizes are quite specific to avoid waste and because of the size of the delivery boxes - doubled amounts can be given if needed.

Gifts can be placed in the box in the vestibule from 25th September 2011 and they will be passed on to the store beased at Woodley Baptist Church.

TinsDrinksOther Items
Soup Life Life/UHT Milk Pasta (500g)
Carrots Fruit Juice (Long Life)Rice (500g)
Peas Tea Bags (up to 80 bags) Noodles (plain dried)
Green Beans Hot Chocolate Sugar (500g)
Sweetcorn Instant Coffee (100g jars) Breakfast Cereals (medium box)
Meat Orange Squash (1 litre)Biscuits
Tuna Blackcurrant Squash (1 litre) Chocolate/Snack Bars
Fruit   Pasta Sauces (jars)
Rice Pudding   Olive Oil
Sponge Pudding   Sunflower Oil

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Page last updated: 14th September 2011.