Memorials at Christ Church

Christ Church came into being on 7th November 1982 when Woodley Methodist Church and Woodley United Reformed Church (URC) united to become a joint church. Various memorials and memorial items came to the church from its two roots. Some memorial items have been added since.

Uniting Plaque

The bible that sits on the communion table was given to Woodley Methodist Church by the parish church of St. John the Evangelist and is signed H.W.H.Wilkinson, Vicar, and N. Ticknell and C. Baldusline(?), church wardens. The book rest it is on is dated 21st July 1971 in memory of Mary Hetherington, Founder Member. The old lectern (now in the Stenner Lounge) was given in memory of David, only child of Hilda and Maurice Smith, 1952-1983. The bible on our lectern, in everyweek use, was donated in the memory of Roy Hamilton.

Opening Plaque

There are two plaques recording the uniting of the churches and the opening of the new worship centre on 28th August 1982. They are in the vestibule.

There are three large and one small memorial plaque from the URC church preserved in the creche. They are to:

Memorials in the Creche

Will Jordan, 1897-1966, Choir Master and life deacon;
Ernest Bradley, 1904-1973, life deacon and church secretary for 28 years;
Alf Jordan, 1899-1979, deacon and treasurer for 35 years;
Sidney James Norwood, 1912-1976, who was 34 years a member, treasurer and elder.

There are three wooden chairs, two donated by Womens Own and one by the family of Mr and Mrs H. Jordan, and a communion table given by Mrs W.D. Clayton in memory of her husband. In addition we have a bookcase in memory of Frank Norwood, 1917-1874, for 16 years an elder, and a mini font donated by Mrs M. Wing. We also have a brass vase engraved Friar Street PM (Primitive Methodist) Church, donated by Mr and Mrs Cox in memory of Doreen (died 1923).

More recently various hymn books and bibles in use by the congregation have been given in memory of recent members. A wooden music stand is in memory of Geoff Sargent.

Foundation Stone Rank Memorial Stone

In the church hall entrance are two plaques from the founding of the Methodist church building, one commemorating the sale of the Friar Street Methodist Church in Reading and the other a gift from Joseph Rank that helped pay for the building in September 1962 and 1963.

The Stenner Lounge is named after a former member and local preacher called Jim Stenner.

A bokcase was given to the URC chapel in memory of Frank Norwood, 1917-1974, a life-long member and elder for 16 years.

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