Rainbow Café Menu

New menu and prices from September 2018

Pot of tea 70p Sandwiches (White or Brown Bread)One filling£2.00
Herbal/Fruit Tea 90p  Two fillings£2.50
Coffee (Instant) 90p Baguette Roll (White or Brown)One filling£1.50
Coffee (Filter) £1.10  Two fillings£2.00
Hot Chocolate £1.10 Fillings: Ham, Cheese, Salad, Marmite,
Squash 35p Tuna Mayonnaise, Tomato, Cucumber, Pickle
Fruit Juice 70p  
Mineral Water 65p    Toasted Sandwiches (White or Brown)One filling£2.00
     Two fillings£2.50
Toasted Teacake 60p Fillings: Ham, Cheese, Tomato
Homemade Cake £1.00  
Packet Biscuits 50p Jacket Potatowith Butter£1.60
     with Baked Beans£2.20
Baguette 50p  with Cheese£2.60
Toast 50p  with Tuna Mayonaise£2.80
Beans on Toast £1.00  with Tuna and Sweetcorn£2.80
Soup and Roll £2.00 Mixed Salad(Tuna, Cheese or Ham)£2.80

Each day a variety of homemade soups and main meals will be available
check the Café board for details - example meals:

All main meals, sandwiches and jacket potatoes include salad garnish.

All items subject to availability.

Where possible it is our policy to use Fairly Traded products

Prices correct as of 4th September 2018.