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*Holiday Bible Club 2017 - Mega Makers!

Holiday Bible Club will run from 7th until 11th August from 10:00 to 12:30, as usual, and it is free for children, aged 5 to 10. No need to pre-book, just come from 09:30 on your first day to register. The children will enjoy games, art, crafts, cookery, stories, jokes, puppets and music, based on material from Scripture Union covering various stories from the Bible, all set in a manufacturing context.

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Mega Makers

*Church Charity Project 2017


It was decided that our Church Charity Project for 2017 is Alzheimer's Research UK

You may like to watch their Christmas Advert.

The first fund raiser was Pancake Day on Tuesday 28th February and then there was Countdown. The May Fair on Saturday 13th May raised over £1000 and the Reading Male Voice Choir concert on 3rd June raised £800. Look out in the autumn for more concerts and the silent auction.

About Church Charity Projects

A440 Choir

A440 Choir - Concert 3rd December 19:00

Local choir A440 gave a charity concert in aid of the Mityana Charity at Christ Church at 19:00 on Saturday 3rd December to a packed house. The programme was a mix of their normal songs with Christmas songs in the second half. It also featured a spot by our own trio of Steve, Ann and Steve.

Church Charity Project 2016


It was decided that our Church Charity Project for 2016 is the Mityana Charity who are a locally based charity that works through the churches in Mityana, a poorer area of Uganda that other charities have largely been unable to support. The provide educational support, water solutions, community building and training. At our service on 17th April, World Church Sunday, Revd Hugh Wakeling told us more about the important work of the charity and invited members to join him on his autumn trip to Uganda.

The Countdown in Reading tournament on Saturday 26th March raised about £200 from the 16 players; winner was Thomas Cappleman, formerly of Bracknell.

The Spring Fair on Saturday 7th May raised nearly 1400.

Early in the year 2000 was transferred to the charity and they were able to start work immediately in July on building much-needed latrines for Mpiriggwa C/U Primary School (see photos below). At the A440 concert a further 1400 was donated which will be used to replace the water tank at Myanzi Prison.

  School sign   School view   New latrines   Latrines sign

Champion's Challenge

Holiday Bible Club 2016 - Champion's Challenge

Holiday Bible Club ran from 8th until 12th August from 10:00 to 12:30, as usual, and was free for over 60 children, aged 5 to 10. The children enjoyed games, art, crafts, cookery, stories, jokes, puppets and music based on material from Scripture Union covering various stories from the Bible, all set in a sporting context.

Pictures and jokes, mostly sport-related, were supplied by the children and read out each day by basketball ace Slam Dunk. Joke of the week was: "Why were four five and six scared? Because seven ate nine!"

Holiday Bible Club will in 2017 run from 7th until 11th August.

Holiday Bible Club History

2016 HBC Group Art

Group Art Day 1 Group Art Day 2
Group Art Day 3 Group Art Day 4
Group Art Day 5

Royal and Messy Church Celebration

Sunday 12th June was a double celebration as we celebrated both the Queen's 90th birthday and that Messy Church has been running at Christ Church for five years.

After a special royal-themed service, with members of Pastoral Group 12, we had a lunch with music from the 1940s and dancing. Later messy church continued the celebration. Much red, white and blue cake was eaten at both events, plus a Messy Church cake!

Photos on Facebook
Red, White and Blue Cakes

Children's Art Club

In winter 2016, on six Saturdays art sessions for children were run, split into two sessions by age. Leading the group was artist Lisa-Marie Gibbs and our own Will Green. The art produced was shown at a short exhibition in the library and at church on the weekend of our Spring Fair (illustrated). A new Art Club was run on Saturday afternoons, during school terms from 14th May, for children 5-12 and any church members of any age who are arty.

More pictures of the art on the Art Club page.

Art Display

Our New Stained Glass Symbols

In Spring 2016 the five south-facing windows of the worship centre were replaced with double glazing in memory of Jim Will. The five opening lights were filled with Christian symbols designed by our own Mary Nash. These were paid for by other bequests and donations to the church, including one in memory of Irene Riglen. More

Praying Hands Window

Old News

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