Snedrick - The Graham Kendrick Musical

In 2012 the vocal group High Spirits were chatting about how many Graham Kendrick songs there were when it was jokingly said there should be a Graham Kendrick musical. One of the group, Tony Atkins, rose to the challenge and produced a jukebox musical based on the works of Graham Kendrick.

The musical is performed as an act of worship, including prayers, congregational hymns (all from Songs of Fellowship) and exchanging the peace. It is one hour long and has minimal acting, just the main character, Snedrick, and a spoken part of his wife. It tells the story of the life of Jesus from the calling of the disciples through to resurrection as seen through the eyes of Snedrick, a first century song writer who was called to be a disciple.

As such it is most suitable to be performed near to Easter, and was performed by an extended High Spirits as the evening worship at Christ Church on Sunday 7th April 2013 (one week after Easter Sunday).

The music and signing can be arranged to fit the voices and instruments available, with solos as appropriate. The original production had just piano, guitar and bass guitar as accompaniment, but had been planned to include drums.

Note the name Snedrick came from a joke name used by the Mannafeast group who tended to refer familiarly to Graham Snedrick. In Snedrick's words he hides 28 other Kendrick song titles. Snedrick entered through the audience during an extended intro to the first song which he leads. He was the only performer in costume (first century robe) and carried an old guitar.

Page last updated: 29th April 2013.