Christ Church Events Calendar

See our plan page for details of Sunday services, including Messy Church.

For details of major events see our news and other pages.

Most meetings take place in our Stenner Lounge.

At club-type events, eg Network, Games and Quiz afternoons - all are welcome.

Pastoral Group Meetings are normally only open to group members, but often other church members can attend if of special interest to them.

Committee meetings (shown in italics) are members only.


Mon 25th 14:00 Network Fellowship - Beryl Wootton
Mon 25th 19:30 House Fellowship - Hebrews 12 - at Phillippo's
Tue 26th 10:00 Share & Prayer
Wed 27th 10:30 Bible Study (coffee at 10:00)
Sun 31st 14:30 Games Afternoon - Lower Hall


Tue  2nd 10:00 Share & Prayer
Tue  2nd 19:30 Mission and Pastoral Meeting 
Wed  3rd 10:30 Bible Study (coffee at 10:00)
Wed  3rd 14:00 Wesley Guild - "St George" with David Childs 
Wed  3rd 19:30 Mission and Property Meeting 
Mon  8th 09:30 Quiet Spaces in the Worship Centre
Mon  8th 14:00 Network Fellowship - Bring Easter Poetry / Hymns
Thu 11th 19:30 Church Leadership Team 
Fri 12th 19:30 Jill/Beryl's Pastoral Groups - Eco-Church Award Scheme
Thu 18th 14:00 Monthly Quiz 
Fri 19th 19:30 Ruth's Pastoral Groups - Meal
Sat 20th 11:00 Countdown Tournament
Tue 23rd 10:00 Share & Prayer
Sat 27th 19:30 Charity Concert
Sun 28th 14:30 Games Afternoon - Lower Hall
Mon 29th 14:00 Network Fellowship - Flower Bulb Planting - Sandra Alderson
Tue 30th 10:00 Share & Prayer


Tue  7th 10:00 Share & Prayer
Tue  7th 19:30 Congregational Meeting 
Wed  8th 14:00 Wesley Guild - Devotional with Revd David Jenkins
Fri 10th 19:30 Jill/Beryl's Pastoral Groups - Beekeeping in Woodley
Sat 11th 10:00 Spring Fair (until 12:30)
Mon 13th 14:00 Network Fellowship - Favourite CD/Tape/Hymn
Tue 14th 10:00 Share & Prayer
Thu 16th 14:00 Monthly Quiz 
Fri 17th 19:30 Ruth's Pastoral Groups - Games Evening
Tue 21st 10:00 Share & Prayer
Wed 22nd 14:00 Wesley Guild - Visit to Ashridge Manor Craft Centre
Wed 22nd 18:45 Boys' Brigade Parents and Awards Night
Sun 26th 14:30 Games Afternoon - Lower Hall
Mon 27th 14:00 Network Fellowship - Bingo - Sandra Alderson


Tue  4th 19:30 Worship Consultation 
Wed  5th 14:00 Wesley Guild - My Best Holiday
Mon 10th 14:00 Network Fellowship - Visit to Henry Street Garden Centre
Fri 14th 19:30 Jill/Beryl's Pastoral Groups - Music Evening
Fri 15th 19:30 Ruth's Pastoral Groups - Walk
Wed 19th 14:00 Wesley Guild - Members' Afternoon
Thu 20th 14:00 Monthly Quiz 
Mon 24th 14:00 Network Fellowship - Terrence Rowell
Sat 29th 19:30 Reading Male Voice Choir Concert
Sun 30th 14:30 Games Afternoon - Lower Hall


Wed  3rd Jul 14:00 Wesley Guild - Devotional with Revd David Shaw
Wed 17th Jul 14:00 Wesley Guild - AGM
Wed 17th Jul 19:30 Churches Together in Woodley
Fri 20th Sep 19:30 Ruth's Pastoral Groups - Favourite Hymns
Fri 18th Oct 19:30 Ruth's Pastoral Groups - Dave Childs - South America
Fri 15th Nov 19:30 Ruth's Pastoral Groups - Beryl Wootton
Fri 13th Dec 19:30 Ruth's Pastoral Groups - Christmas Music and Readings

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