Rainbow Café

The Rainbow Café has
been serving the
community of Woodley
since 21st February 2006

Continuing to raise money
for Action for Children
&450 raised in 2019-2020
(£2200 in 2018-2019)

The Rainbow Cafe reopen with full menu from Tuesday 7th September.

Our Rainbow Café is open
three days a week
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
apart from a summer break, Easter and Christmas/New Year.
It is open, staff permitting, from 10:30 to 13:45 and serves
teas and coffees, snacks and light lunches.
Items must be ordered by 13:30.

Some of our recipes The Café is located in our lower hall at Christ Church.
As well as food and drink you will find a friendly ear or two to talk to.
Please drop in!
The Rainbow Café scored a maximum
5-stars for hygeine standard from Wokingham Borough Council.

Page last updated 6th Septembe 2021.