Worship Resources

This page will contain links to various worship resources, such as sketches, formats for shows and services, and the like.

They may be used freely in a worship or charity context, with due recognition of authorship, but should not be used in any publication or in a commercial context without permission.

Snedrick - The Graham Kendrick Musical

This jukebox musical is performed as an act of worship, including prayers, congregational hymns (all from Songs of Fellowship) and exchanging the peace. It is one hour long and has minimal acting, just the main character, Snedrick, and a spoken part of his wife. It tells the story of the life of Jesus from the calling of the disciples through to resurrection as seen through the eyes of Snedrick, a first century song writer who was called to be a disciple.

Mannfeast Sketches by Tony Atkins

Ground Force in the Holy Land

Short sketch based on the television programme for five actors on the subject of the empty tomb.


A monologue in the style of Ronnie Barker's "spokesman" sketches on the subject of the appearances of Jesus after the Resurrection.

The Dead Church Sketch

A dialogue based on Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch on the subject of dead churches.
This is a reconstruction of a sketch that was performed elsewhere (original source unknown).


A sketch for four, plus cuddly stuffed dog, that is a homage to the Two Ronnies' Mastermind sketches and of no religious significance, but fun to do. The host should probably be a John Humphrys character nowadays.

I am a Easter Egg

A short thought-provoking dialogue for Easter, joint written with Yvonne Hutchinson.

The Gossips

A short dialogue about the birth of John the Baptist featuring two gossips.

A Call from The Jordan

A monologue where a boy rings home to his slightly deaf mother about strange goings on in the Jordan.

Poetry by Dorothy Flint

Judas (A Multi-Verse Haiku)

Christmas Acrostics

Acrostics from our Junior Church

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